consulting on existing buildings and historic sites


Lori Aument is a building conservation firm with over 20 years' experience consulting with architects and institutions on historical buildings and sites.

We help our clients to uncover the past and manage change in the present, so that we can share the stories that matter in the future. Our historic preservation approach is technically rigorous, but focused on finding practical solutions for success. We lead project planning and management for specialized heritage work, from pre-design to implementation. We also collaborate as an integrated member within larger design teams to help problem-solve issues involving historical buildings and sites. We have helped non-profit organizations and community groups, as well as major universities and government institutions. On every project, we seek to add lasting value to the site’s ongoing story.


We recognize that historical projects are complex, can be nuanced at times, and often require meeting the needs of multiple stakeholders. We customize our recommendations and communicate our proposed solutions clearly. Our collaborative attitude can help build consensus to ensure the project is a success in the eyes of all stakeholders.


We help clients uncover the past through historical research, site survey, materials assessment, and documentation to develop a greater understanding for the site. This information is used to manage change responsibly for historical buildings and sites. We produce planning documents to guide future changes, craft useful condition assessments, design smart repairs and maintenance strategies, create clear construction documents, and oversee quality work in the field.


We bring a unique passion for sharing the stories found in historical buildings and sites. We see every project as an opportunity to become part of a site’s future narrative. Our founder, Lori Aument, is also the creator, researcher, and host of the Found in Philadelphia podcast, a show about Philadelphia, its history, and why the past matters today.